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"“We, as women, as human beings, must always find a way to live with the good and bad of any decision we make. Whether you agree with another person’s explanation and justification for their life choices is irrelevant. It’s not your life to judge.”
― Jenn Sadai"


My name is Tiffany and the dashing man at my side is my husband Phil. We live in Ontario, Canada with our two fur kids - Audrey and Luna.

My Boring Meaningless Childfree Life is a place that strives to create an atmosphere for childfree and childless women to connect and engage. I believe that being a parent is a calling and a choice, and not one everyone will make.

As a childfree woman myself I can understand and sympathize with the struggles and challenges that goes along with being an adult without children.

Take a look around and don't hesitate to drop me a line! 


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