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On January 1, 2021 there was a phrase that kept turning and turning around in my brain: Nothing changes if nothing changes. After 2020, a year of waiting for the world to change, I knew I wanted 2021 to be different; and I knew the only way it would be different would be if we made it different. 2020 wasn’t a total dumpster fire for us. I started working from home, which had been my dream for years. Deanna and I had so much more time together, we grew our most epic garden yet, and we went on countless walks with our doggos. We really learned what was most important to us and realized how much simpler life could be. 

For years we had talked about buying an RV and living a life of travel. But after getting married and buying a house in 2017, we fell into a very stereotypical, and dare I say it, boring lifestyle. The dream of traveling became a thing of the past.

Until this year. In February the idea popped back into my mind when I saw several friends I had met through instagram selling their homes and pursuing full time RV life. Every time I saw another friend sharing about their decision I thought to myself, “That’s so awesome! I wish we could do that!!” Then one day after seeing yet another friend announce their news instead of saying, “I wish!” I said, “Why not!?” I’ll spare you all the boring details of what happened over the next few months, but after a few months of researching and talking about it, Deanna and I agreed in April that this was something we should do!

Life has been quite a whirlwind since then. In May we went to look at RVs, and after changing our minds what felt like one hundred times, decided to get a travel trailer. One of our biggest priorities in choosing our rig was space for our two dogs AND two cats. We traded in our 4runner for a truck, met with our realtor, and started selling off all our shit. 

We are less than two weeks out from our first house showing + trip in our RV and this is the closest thing we will ever experience to birthing pains. Part of me wishes we could bypass this hectic, busy season of preparation, but the bigger part of me knows that this is just a blip in the grand scheme of life. After all is said and done we will spend less time cleaning and doing yard work, have less stuff weighing us down physically and emotionally, and have more time together seeing the world. We are building the life of our dreams and it will all be worth it! 

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In the wild

“We, as women, as human beings, must always find a way to live with the good and bad of any decision we make. Whether you agree with another person’s explanation and justification for their life choices is irrelevant. It’s not your life to judge.”
― Jenn Sadai, No Kids Required

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Questions for Reflection

Am I using my time wisely?
Am I putting enough effort and time into my relationships?

Make a list of the people in your life who genuinely

support you, and whom you can genuinely trust

Am I holding on to something I need to let go of?

Who are you today and who do you wish to be tomorrow?

Intentional Activities for December

Single Task gift wrapping

Christmas lights

Having conversations with others with no distractions – connection feels so much greater when you are fully tuned into one another.

Declutter one small area or a pile of stuff in your home – decluttering your physical space always has a good impact on your mental state.

Watch a movie without checking your phone – I can’t remember the last time I’ve done this. Hard, but worth it.

Make a vision board or future journal/sketch – include things you dream to have, places you wish to go, or who you want to become.