Lessons From My 565sqft Apartment

In March 2017 my husband received some information about a business opportunity. At the time we were living in a 2000 sqft house and I had just started my minimalism journey two months prior. After a whole lot of prayer, we really felt like this chance was a total God thing. To make it work most efficiently for us it would mean selling our home, moving an hour away and downsizing from a 2000sqft back-split to a 565sqft apartment (yes we are specific about the 565, every square foot counts my friends.). Although I am anxious to move out of the apartment and fully nest in our 'forever' home, I have learned very valuable lessons in the past couple years.

1. Small living is pitied - Downsizing to 1/4 of the space required selling a lot of our stuff. I listed many things online and when asked why I was selling, I happily explained our situation. The looks you get from people are amazing. Sort of the same sad sorry eyes you get at a funeral. We are so conditioned into thinking that we need the biggest house, with the biggest garage and biggest storage unit to store all our extra stuff that doesn't fit in our house that downsizing is something to grieve. 2. You need less than you think - We got rid of so much that we were able to move every item we owned in approximately 3 hours. That is from loading the trucks, driving 45 minutes and subsequent unloading. As we spent the next few days unpacking we had a box set aside for any things we wanted to get rid of. Over the past two years we've taken another 3-4 car

loads out of the apartment. You can survive, and thrive, on a lot less than you think.

3. You don't miss anything you give away - If you asked me to name 10 things we've donated or sold over the past 2.5 years, I couldn't. I honestly couldn't even name 5 things. Once things leave your house, especially things you aren't using, or don't actually like, you completely forget it ever existed in your life. Those just in case items, you probably won't ever need them. That sweater you have been meaning to wear, you aren't going to. Let it go, and move forward. Trust me, you aren't going to miss it.

4. You always adapt - Now everything wasn't unicorns and rainbows. Adjusting to the apartment was a task. My husband is naturally a.. louder person, me not so much. Our house offered separation when we needed it, now we have a total of 4 rooms and it's hard to find that space to "escape". No matter your situation, you always adapt and figure out a way to make things work for you. Am I excited for the day we can buy a home again and I can have my own space? Of course. Until then my headphones are my "Room of Requirement", as we call them, and it works for us. 5. Home is where you make it - There are lots of things I miss about our house, but the apartment is very much our home now. They say "Home isn't a place, but a feeling." and that is so true. Home is being greeted by the cats after a long day, home is snuggling up next to my husband, home is settling in and spending some quality time with Jesus. Home is a feeling and it can be anywhere you want it to be.