The 12 Perks of a Childfree Christmas

Whether you are childfree by choice, or childless by chance, Christmas shines the spotlight on children. Santa Clause, presents and parades, all things adults generally have no interest in. If you're feeling down, forgotten or overwhelmed during this season I hope this list helps you to refocus and appreciate all the benefits a childfree Christmas brings. 1. You Can Sleep In - Christmas morning with kids is early and chaotic. I'm sure as a parent it's a blast to see their child's face light up at the wonder of Christmas morning, but it would be a little more exciting at 9am instead of 6am. Not having children bursting into your bedroom before the sun comes up means you can sleep in.. indefinitely. Take advantage and roll your well rested body out of bed at noon.. just because you can.

2. Beautiful Decorations - You don't need to worry about things getting knocked over or someone swallowing any Christmas ornaments. Your lawn can exist without inflatable snowmen and multicoloured lights, unless that's what you're into. You can decorate with all beautiful, delicate, fragile decorations your heart desires. No Elsa or Anna in sight. Contrarily, if Christmas isn't your thing, you don't even have to decorate at all. You have no one to please but yourself! 3. No Hatchimals - Can we take a minute and remember the year everyone wanted a Hatchimal? People were fighting in Toys R Us and then reselling them online for literally $200+ each. You don't ever have to fist fight another mom for this years 'Hottest Toy'. That alone is worth being childfree at Christmas!

4. Baking with No Sprinkles - I love Christmas baking! Sugar cookies and a classic chocolate chip cookie is impossible to pass up. Without children to worry about the rest of my Christmas baking can consist of the things that I love to make. No sprinkles in sight, cause #unpopularopinion sprinkles are disgusting. Bring on the Scottish Shortbread, Chocolate Chip Banana Bread and Biscotti baked with love in my nice clean kitchen. 5. (Quiet) Snow Days Inside - I live in Canada, so not only do we have quite a few snow days, but it is stinkin cold! Like so cold they tell you not to go outside. My husband and I enjoy the snow day from the warmth of the couch. No crazy kids with too much energy, or fighting to put on snow pants and boots so we can go stand outside and freeze. Netflix, a cozy blanket and a hot cup of tea makes for the perfect snow day. 6. No Trips to the Mall - I don't frequent the mall all that often to begin with, but kids want to see Santa.. or at least parents want pictures with Santa. Have you seen a mall parking lot around Christmas? It's the worst thing you could possibly imagine taking part in. Once you get there cue the crying, the crowds and stress. Tip; Avoid the mall, avoid the Santa, do all your shopping from your couch and have a nice relaxing weekend. 7. No Gifts.. or All The Gifts - With no kids comes no Santa, which means you don't even have to buy gifts if you don't want to! My husband and I decided this year to do just stockings.. and we can do that.. cause it's just us. Are gifts your main love language? Go crazy and buy alllll the gifts for each other, because you probably have extra money to spend on yourselves. 8. No Elf on the Shelf - I despise the Elf. The idea of Santa spying so the kids behave drives me nutty. But I don't have kids, so I don't have to worry about it.. and neither do you! 9. Silent Night - You get to enjoy a truly silent night.. embrace it friends.

10. Self Care - We don't even have kids and our holiday schedule is in-sane! Not having kids to take care of means intentional time to take care of me. The constant peopleing really drains me (shoutout to all my introvert friends), so that time alone to recharge is super important for my own mental health. Whatever your self-care looks like, take the time and do it.. in your quiet childfree house. 11. Christmas Movies - Let's be real, Die Hard is by far the best Christmas movie ever. Just kidding... kinda. Enjoy putting on the Hallmark Channel and spend your entire Christmas season watching the same movie plot over and over and over. 12. Traditions - This is the best perk! You can take the time to create your own unique adult traditions! Some of the most fun we have during the Christmas season is enjoying those traditions together. From our diy advent calendar, to seeing the Christmas Lights and our Christmas Eve box, I get to spoil my husband and spend some quality time together during an otherwise super busy season. (Click here for a more detailed list of childfree Christmas traditions.)

What is your favourite thing about being childfree during the holidays? Let me know in the comments below!